Essential Austrian Après Ski Songs You Need to Know

If you plan to go skiing in Austria, one thing you cannot miss is the Après Ski. There’s no better way to celebrate an amazing day on the slopes than by skiing up to a Hütte (mountain hut) or Après Ski bar and ordering a post-ski refreshment. Après Ski in Austria has Fun (with a capital F) baked into its core but it isn’t the free-flowing beer that brings this fun about. (But while we’re being honest, there’s no denying it helps!) The thing that really makes the atmosphere is the music, the Austrian Après Ski songs.

The first thing you should know: high-quality music it is not. AT ALL.

But that’s not the point. The music exists purely to inspire silly dance moves, an upbeat mood, and in my case, incessant laughter at how ridiculous it all is.

Après Ski parties are fun no matter how you slice them, but you’ll feel like an incredible insider if you learn a few of the most popular songs ahead of time. You’ll be able to participate so much more in the festivities and even sing along with some of the words!

If you don’t speak a lick of German, never fear. The vast majority of these songs have a hearty oh-woah-woah or sha-la-la section. If you learn a few of those, you’ll be good to go. (And don’t worry, they’ll be stuck in your head and driving you crazy before you know it.) 

Here are some of the most common and beloved Austrian Après Ski Songs that you should know before your ski trip to the Austrian Alps!

Timeless Classics

Anton aus Tirol (Anton from Tirol)

This one goes first because the video is simply perfect. This age-old Après Ski anthem is all about what an awesome guy Anton is (in his own mind, at least) and how much he is loved by everyone in Tirol, the alpine region of Austria.


Hulapalu is your run-of-the-mill party song about everyone dancing and having a great time. It’s the perfect place to start if your German is on level zero – most of the chorus is just “oh-dee-ay!”

Schatzi schenk mir ein Foto (Darling, Send Me a Picture)

I’m sure (I hope) it’s not meant to be as creepy as it sounds, but this guy thinks this girl is really something and wants her picture, promising to send her one of him in return. 

Hey, wir wollen die Eisbären sehen (Hey, We Want to See the Eisbären)

This song is an ode to the Berlin ice hockey team, the Eisbären (polar bears.) It’s one of the few Austrian Après Ski Songs that has more of a rock-n-roll feel.


Joana is that girl that all the guys are going crazy over. In this song, you have to shout three things to her during the chorus. (Just make sure not to call anyone these things in real life because they’re not all that respectful!) This video is especially helpful because it has these words written right on the page.

Schwarze Natascha (Black Natasha)

Although the title of this song might strike you as racist, nothing about the lyrics suggests that it actually is. The singer has only good things to say about dear Natasha so we’ll assume they mean no harm. The original version of this song is particularly hilarious when compared with the Après Ski version.

Viva Colonia (Viva Cologne)

This classic Austrian Après Ski song is dedicated to Cologne and all of its shenanigans. “We’re in, this is perfect. Viva Cologne! We love life, love, and lust, we believe in God and are also always drunk.” I’ve never been to Cologne, but they make it sound like a hell of a place.

Songs with Dances

Das Rote Pferd (The Red Horse)

This song was originally a kid’s song about a red horse swatting flies with his tail. One particular fly was very smart and instead of buzzing around the horse’s tail, she circles his head instead. Somehow, this harmless kid’s tune has graduated to an Austrian Après Ski song complete with a dance.

These little kids do a pretty good job of it! (Skip to 1:13 for the chorus.)

So ein schöner Tag (Such a Nice Day)

This is another kid’s rhyme turned Austrian Après Ski song. The song lists off a whole bunch of animals with some cute dance moves to go along with it. “I fly like a fly, I’m strong like a tiger, I’m as tall as a giraffe,” and so on!

Auffe Auf’n Berg (Up on the Mountain)

“Up on the mountain and down with your skis, into the hut with your hands in the air.” This is another new party anthem that talks about a perfect day of skiing with an Après Ski party to close out the day.

Links Rechts (Left Right)

Maybe the title gives it away a bit, but this song isn’t so much of a dance song as it is a moshing song. It’s quite simple, really: nach links = move left, nach rechts = move right. Proceed with caution and at least make sure your drink is secured before someone crashes into you!

New Hits

Atemlos durch die Nacht (Breathless Through the Night)

I still can’t figure out what is up with this Helene Fischer girl. She’s a famous pop star in Germany, but I have yet to meet a single German that actually likes her music. They’ll roll their eyes and tell you how much they can’t stand Helene Fischer, then promptly belt out the words the next time this song comes on, fist clenched, beer in the air. Love her or hate her, it’s not an Austrian Après Ski party if this girl-meets-boy anthem doesn’t play at least once.

Johnny Dӓpp

This is a pretty new party song that has quickly become a staple of an Austrian Après ski song. It doesn’t make much sense, but no one seems to care. I wonder if Johnny Depp knows about this song…

Mama Laudaaa

“What’s the name of the mother of Niki Lauda? Mama Lauda!” I’m not sure how a Formula One racecar driver’s mom got an Austrian Après Ski song dedicated to her, but somehow that’s exactly what happened. What’s cool about this song is that it has a bit of a double meaning. “Mama Lauda” also sounds like the German phrase mach mal lauter which translates to “turn it up.”

Anything by Peter Wackel

Peter Wackel is a household – err, I mean Hütte-hold name in Austria. All of his songs are upbeat party anthems that play all over the Alps in winter and Mallorca during the summer.

Die Nacht von Freitag auf Montag (The Night from Friday to Monday)

This upbeat party song details one crazy night-turned-multiple-nights out. Our friend Peter isn’t sure if he was awake for three days straight or if he was in a coma the whole time. Symptoms include a broken nose, a tramp stamp tattoo, and 130 new photos of him on Facebook. “Man I’m never drinking again, well definitely not for a long time. Well ok, at least not until next Friday!”

Scheiss drauf! (Sh*t!)

This song truly expresses how all of us feel while on a ski vacation in Austria. “Sh*t! Après Ski is only one time a year.”

Anything by Mickie Krause

If Peter Wackel is the prince of ridiculousness, then Mickie Krause is the king. This guy is almost 50 years old and he is STILL touring the German-speaking world belting out his Schlager tunes (German songs written exclusively for parties.) By pure chance, we saw him perform at an Après Ski Hütte in Hintertux, Austria after skiing the Hintertux Glacier. 1 out of 10 for musicianship, 10 out of 10 for fun!

Geh mal Bier hol’n (Go Get Me a Beer)

A real classy tune about how the girls get prettier the more he drinks. 

Biste braun, kriegste Fraun (If You’re Tan, You Get the Girls)

A Mallorca party anthem that doubles as an Austrian Après Ski song because hey, you can get tan while skiing too.

Sie hatte nur noch Schuhe an (She Left Only Her Shoes On)

Do I really have to write a description for this one?!

Personal Favorites

Himbeereis zum Frühstück (Raspberry Ice Cream for Breakfast)

The original version of this song is quite adorable. The chorus translates: “Raspberry ice cream for breakfast, rock n’ roll in the elevator, through the mountains on the valley road, we’re driving into happiness.” In the Après Ski version, the song is remixed nearly beyond recognition, but somehow I still love it.

Skifoan (Skiing)

This is another party remix that came from a very folky Austrian song. It simply tells the story of a guy packing up his car, heading to the Alps, and hitting the slopes.

In telling you all about the soundtrack to Austrian Après Ski parties, I realize it may sound like these are raucous, off-the-wall ordeals. While yes, they can sometimes get that way, a lot of the times they are just plain goofy and lighthearted. One of my favorite things about Austrian Après Ski parties is the feeling of camaraderie. No one takes themselves seriously and the goal is always to simply have fun!

If you’re going skiing in Austria, do not miss the Après Ski! Not only is it a blast, but it’s also a really cool immersion into Austrian culture, even if it is centered around drinking. (Hey, Austrians love to drink!)

Click here to listen to my entire goofy playlist of Austrian Après Ski songs! You’re welcome.

Leave a comment below and tell me, which of these Austrian Après Ski songs was your favorite?

April 4, 2019

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